Why I Hate It When People Make Stereotypical Rajput Jokes

I have one of the most heavy surnames ever i.e. RATHORE, something people often make butt of their stereotypical Rajput jokes on me. 

On hearing my surname people automatically assume that my ancestors were some Raja-Maharajas and that my home is some royal Mahal. Well, guess what? Not all Rajputs are born with a silver spoon.

Oh, and if you are a Rajput and happen to be from Rajasthan, you’d often hear people asking, “How do you guys fetch water, from an oasis or a well?”. Yep, welcome to my world full of stereotypical Rajput jokes that don’t make any sense whatsoever.

I mean how can the concept of a city in Rajasthan be brand new to someone? The usual ‘richie-rich’, ‘less water’, ‘sand dune cities’ jokes are followed by the oh-so-cliché-Balika Vadhu jokes.

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The done to death child marriage jokes make me cringe so bad. I mean how can “hahaha, teri toh shadi ho gae hogi” funny to anyone? Don’t get me wrong, I am all in for jokes and humour but I can’t laugh at something which is genuinely not funny!

Also, if you’re a Rajput female from Rajasthan, there is a whole new palate of jokes that the movie ‘Padmavat’ has given birth to for people to crack on you. “Oh, hi Padmavati” if you get mad at anything is casual now. “Jauhar” is something people will randomly suggest you to do, you know, to pass time.

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We don’t wake up like this!

And hey, I know your daily soaps tell you otherwise but no, we do not go vegetable shopping wearing all that heavy Rajasthani jewellery. We don’t sleep in all the flashy designer clothes either. Also, sorry to burst your bubble but not every name is suffixed with ‘sa’ in marwari. So, it doesn’t go like.. “papa sa”, “X sa”, “Y sa”.

The newest entrant to all the stereotypical Rajput jokes though is Karni Sena and memes on the format.. “jo blah blah kare, wo Rajput”. THESE MEMES ARE THE WORST MEMES OF 2018, PERIOD.

stereotypical rajput jokes

Adding a random sentence and ending it with ‘wo Rajput’, how on Earth is it sensible or remotely funny for that matter? Now, I understand the concept of memes (and absolutely love the meme culture!) but then again, there are lit memes and then there are trash memes!

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I am not trying to defend Rajputs here just trying to save our already screwed sense of humour. So yeah, I don’t find stereotypical jokes funny be it on Rajputs or any other community. Bring up smart-creative jokes, memes, puns and I am game!

PS: My name is RATHORE but I am not from KARNI SENA!

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Sources:TOI, Indian Express + more

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