This Photographer Took 11 Pictures That Show The ‘Impact’ Of Technology On Mankind

Agree or not, technology and gadgets have taken over our lives. When the technology advanced gadgets have become our lifeline, an irreplaceable requirement, we have also started ignoring the outside world. Conversations have become texting, arguments have become phone calls and feelings are only shown in status updates now.

Eric Pickergill, a passionate photographer, to bring this problem or addiction of technologies, started with a project called “Removed”, where he actually removed all the digital devices from pictures he captured of people. He also accepts that he is also a part of this clan.

Eric has already been sharing a lot of information about psychology and social consequences on the minds of each individual and also in a society.

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Eric always slept while scrolling on his phone and one night when he woke up with a shiver, his phone slipped off his hand and he noticed that his wrists was still in that same position, the way it was before he slept.

The idea of starting this project struck his mind when he saw a family in a coffee shop who were busy with their respective gadgets. While the father and daughter were busy in scrolling the phone, their mother was looking out of the window because of not having any device, feeling isolated. That moment gave rise to this idea.

Here, we present you some of the pictures he clicked:

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Loosing their childhood.

Together but still apart.

Just like drugs, photography has it’s own side-effects.

Physically together, mentally apart.

Modern Parenting.

A family that stays together, eats together, texts together?

Technology between love.

Once upon a time, girls used to gossip

Mom, Dad — look I am here!

Once upon a time, travelling was a mode of recreation.

Technology is ruling us, you still have doubts?

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