These 8 Questions You Must Ask Your Employers After Interview

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Employers ask you questions in an interview so as to gauge your skills, attitude and aptitude for the work profile. However, interviews are a two way street! It is important to ask questions to your employers as well so as to judge whether the company and job profile caters to your needs or not. The questions have to be pertaining to the profile and they need to be smart, as it will in turn make the employers realize that you are indeed interested in working for them. Ideally, a set of 2-3 questions should suffice. Here is a list of them:

1. How is the company’s office culture?

This is one the most important of them all! Even if the profile is good, but the working conditions are pathetic, each day at work would suffocate you. So, ask about the atmosphere in the office, get-togethers, team culture.

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2. What’s an employee’s typical day like?

It may happen that the work being assigned to you on a day to day basis is not something you had signed up for! Maybe the work is too much or even too less. So, it is essential to find out your duties before joining in.

3. Where is the company headed in the next five years?

Layoffs, pink slips, salary cuts are few words that dread every employee and to avoid it, one has to do some background research about where the company is heading. What better way than to ask the senior employees who take interviews?!

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4.What is the upward growth in the corporate ladder in this job role?

Supposing that the profile and the company is just what you had dreamed of! The next big thing is the growth! Will the employee remain stagnant for years or will he have a chance to move up the ladder? You need to clear this out.

5. What are the skills required to excel in this job?

On a personal level, an employee needs to know what skills are expected of him to successfully execute the duties assigned to him. So, it becomes useful to know what the employers are looking for.

6. Who do you consider the company’s top competitor?

Is the company in a state of tug-of-war with another company? How is the company faring in the competitive world? These questions gives a clear idea how the company goes about dealing with the fierce competition in the market.

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7. What are the expectations for this role?

Many a times, employees are given multiple tasks not mentioned in the job description and even irrelevant to his expertise. Thus, it is better to clear things before it is too late!

8. What are the next steps in the interview process?

Many interviewers leave the interviewee in the cliff-hanger about the next process of the interview and the suspense of waiting is too much to take! Hence, this question will help you with the timeline of the selection and the hiring process.

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