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Teen Accidentally Empties Mum’s Bank Account Playing FIFA

A 14-year-old unknowingly emptied his mother’s bank account while playing the popular video game FIFA. According to the Irish Mirror, a mother from Cork, Ireland, – who wishes to remain anonymous – was left shocked when she tried to withdraw money and received the dreaded ‘insufficient funds’ message. She had bought PlayStation’s FIFA 18 game for her son, which led to him purchasing points within the game without realising that it cost money to do so.

“He just didn’t understand but every ten points was costing him more money. I think you need the points to move players but I am not aware of how it works. When purchasing the game or playing it they don’t tell you that this has a cost element. He didn’t have to do anything or click anything to activate my card. He never knew that when he was clicking away the money was being taken out of my account,” she said, according to Indy100.

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“I contacted PlayStation and they told me that it was an adults’ game. I explained he was 14 and he didn’t understand he was playing with money,” she added.

However, Sony, the company behind PlayStation, has refused to return the money spent on the game.

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