Myths About South Delhi Girls That Need To Be Busted

Whenever someone mentions South Delhi girls, our mind starts imagining the scene from the chic-flick “Mean Girls” where super hot girls, dressed impeccably in branded stuff, step out of a Mercedes and give everybody around them a condescending look.

That is the general perception of everybody regarding people or rather specifically girls residing in South Delhi.

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But I don’t understand why people are so insensitive, yes that’s the word I would use, insensitive in painting all the people living in that part of Delhi with the same brush.

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Let me be clear.

Girls coming from South Delhi are assumed to be arrogant, judgmental, exorbitantly rich, dumb good-for-nothings who just believe in spending their “dad’s” money in brands and jewels. That’s it. That’s considered to be the sole purpose of their entire existence. And on basis of what?

On the basis of Bollywood movies and spoofs made on social media.

However, that is less than half of the truth.

Yes, South Delhi is one of the most affluent parts of Delhi but that doesn’t the entire mankind residing in this part of Delhi is opulent af.

Check out this video if you really want to know what South Delhi girls actually are and what wrong misconceptions you have harbored against them all along:

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