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Man, Dog Swallowed By Violent Waves. Pictures Reveal Dramatic Rescue

A man and his dog were dramatically rescued from sea after being swept off by giant waves in the wake of Storm Eleanor in UK.

On Wednesday evening, Chris Jumunjy Hunt and his family were out at Mullion Harbour in Cornwall to film Storm Eleanor when they saw a man and his dog being swallowed by massive waves that crashed off the harbour wall.

“The man & his dog walked out onto harbour wall right to the end, I am not sure why. Then two large waves broke over the wall. The second wave washed them into the harbour,” Mr Hunt told NDTV.

But thanks to the two quick-thinking Samaritans, the man and his dog were rescued just in time. Despite the danger of being swept by the waves, they pulled the man out of water using a life ring. The dog too was saved with the use of an old piece of net. The entire rescue took about 15 minutes.

Mr Hunt shared dramatic photos of the rescue on his Facebook page which show the man clinging onto the ring while being pulled towards the coast. He praised the rescuers for their effort, identified as local Roo Jumunjy and a holidaymaker from Poole.

“Thank heavens that the quick thinking of these two saved the man (who was in shock) & after what seemed like a lifetime the dog was guided to the shore with the use of an old piece of net,” he wrote on Facebook.

In the end, eyewitness described the unidentified man as “exhausted, battered but safe”.An ambulance arrived at the scene to attend to the man.

The incident comes as Storm Eleanor departs UK after lashing the coast and causing extreme weather conditions across the country.

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