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In This Era Of Startups Is It Necessary To Have A Postgraduate Degree In Order To Be Financially Stable

India has been witnessing a changing job trend ever since the 1990s, when the economy was globalised. Previously, many Indians completed their graduation and opted for the security of a government job. With the opening of the economy and the coming of MNCs to India, competition grew intense in the job market, and people began to qualify themselves even more in order to secure a high-paying job, opting to do their post-graduation as well.

However, the 2000s have been witnessing a movement away from the beaten path, where many Indians have chosen to arm themselves with an undergraduate degree- the basic qualification- and then diversify into the field of their choice, whether or not it has any relevance to what they have studied. This has resulted in the creation of many successful startups by young minds, providing alternate avenues of employment, and in some cases, alternate lifestyles.

One example of this is Alma Mater, a website founded by Bangalore-bred Varun Agarwal, who finished his engineering and then started a service that provided online tools which enabled customers to design and buy T-shirts and hoodies for events and reunions in their educational institutions. The concept has been wildly successful, and Agarwal became a celebrated businessman in his twenties.

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T-Shirts from Alma Mater

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Another such venture is Eco Femme, a Tamil Nadu based startup that focusses on providing an environment-friendly, pocket-friendly solution to the question of buying sanitary napkins, which are usually disposable, and need to be bought afresh every month- something not very practical in a country like India, with over 50% of the population living below the poverty line.

Products by Eco Femme

Eco Femme employs the help of local women to create reusable cloth sanitary napkins in attractive colours that can be secured with a button closure, and simply washed and used again. This groundbreaking product has found immense popularity across the country, with environmentally conscious women coming together to assure that less waste goes into landfills every month.

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Other examples of successful Indian startups are Flipkart (online shopping), Zivame (online lingerie store), Paperboat (Indian beverages and snacks), and The Bold Creative (advertising, designing, and client servicing).

Most of these startups do not require a specific qualification- they look for intelligent and motivated individuals committed to helping them provide quality service to their customers. Several Indian startups have been set up by their founders fresh out of college, and many of these founders do not hold a degree related to the field of work their startup offers.

It appears that if one is seeking to found or work with a startup, one need to go for a post graduate degree. It is enough if they are armed with the basic qualification of an undergraduate degree, along with drive, initiative, and the interest required to be a hard and successful worker.

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Sources:Alma Mater, Eco Femme, The Bold Creative

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