I Capture The Beauty Of Woodlands And Meadows In Resin Jewelry

My name is Iuliana and I create resin jewelry using natural elements: mushrooms, lichens, moss, dried flowers, leaves, shells, shells, sand and other microwonders. I live in the beautiful Romania, Transylvania, surrounded by mountains and grand forests. I always take care to gather the supplies in small quantities from different places, in order to protect the equilibrium of the ecosystem. I love nature and I believe that it’s important to take care of the world so that it can continue to take care of us.

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I draw my inspiration from nature, but it’s the fleeting moments of perfection that I really strive to capture in every art piece. I rely heavily on a minimalist style using resin to showcase this natural beauty so that these little miracles can be cherished for years to come.

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After carefully collecting the natural elements and drying some of them (flowers and petals), I suspend them in resin, always trying to recreate a different micro landscape. Once the resin has solidified, I sand it with a micro motor and add additional layers of resin to give the final piece a glossy shine. The mushrooms are incorporated into the jewelry the same day they were picked in order to preserve their beautiful color and shape.

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