Find Out How Rang De Basanti Was Going To End!

Rang De Basanti released in 2006, and became an instant classic. Indian youth taking the fight to corrupt politicians, and dying in the process, was an emotional story, well-told, and formed a connect with the masses and classes alike. The ending, especially, was outstanding. But Rang De Basanti wasn’t supposed to end that way! The ending of the film was changed a week prior to the release of the film.

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The director of the film, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, had held test screenings to gauge audience’s reaction. Everyone loved the film, but kept asking Mehra why his heroes had to die in the end. The original ending had a funeral procession with 2000 students carrying the dead bodies of the boys.

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But Mehra wasn’t satisfied with it. So, he called up Radhika Roy at NDTV, and asked if she could help him out. She promptly agreed, and lent him her crew. Mehra flew down to Kolkata and went to an engineering college in an NDTV van and announced that a bunch of students had taken over the All India Radio station and that commandos had surrounded the building with shoot-at-sight orders. He started filming their reactions, and the ‘news’ spread like wildfire. A while later, Mehra announced it was for a film.

Rang De Basanti Ending
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He added the students’ reactions to the ending of the film. However, he did not have enough time to show the modified ending in test screenings. So, he went with this instinct, and kept the students’ reactions.

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We loved the movie, anyway. And we would’ve loved it no matter what. But the students’ reactions made it feel more real!

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