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Delhi: Man Who Duped People at ATMs Using Matchstick Arrested, Possible Fraud Gang Functioning in City

New Delhi, September 21: Delhi Police on Wednesday arrested a man who used to dupe people at ATMs. The accused is reportedly member of a gang which uses a very special method to cheat people at ATMs and has made many such exploits across the city. Reports claim these men fix matchstick in the keypad of the ATM, which makes the keypad non-functional and then get a look at the ATM PINs of anyone who tries withdrawing money from the machine.

Identified as 27-year old Amir Khan, Delhi Police arrested him from Southeast Delhi following a complaint against him at the Sunlight Colony Police station. The police quoted in a report claimed he was nabbed with the help of technical and human surveillance.

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During the investigation, it was revealed that Khan was part of a gang involved in similar incidents. He also said that he learnt the technique a few months back.

According to The Indian Express, the police explained Khan’s modus operandi and said the accused sharpened one end of a matchstick and fix it between the keypad and the frame. This makes the keypad dysfunctional and then the cheats wait for people to come and enter the booth.

Once someone enters, Khan pretended to be in a hurry. And when the person inside the ATM entered the PIN, the keypad being dysfunctional they will not be able to carry on the transaction.

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Noteworthy that several old ATMs ask for the PIN soon after choosing the language option, which does not require the keypad.

When the person unable to type the PIN, repeatedly press the keys, Khan, pretending to be in a hurry would already be inside the booth and get a look at the person’s PIN. Finally when the person leaves the booth, since the card has already been swiped, Khan access the account using the PIN of the person.

Khan reportedly confessed that he never withdrew a large amount as he did not want to be noticed.

The police are hopeful of nabbing the other alleged members who are cheating people using this technique.

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