Best DAB Radios 2017: Which digital radio should you buy?

Key features:

  • Snooze handle
  • DAB/FM
  • Bluetooth

The Pure Evoke D4 is one of Pure’s more conventional radios. Its range now offers everything from budget low-frills models that get you beefy sound for around £80 to feature-packed internet radios with Bluetooth.The D4 gets you Bluetooth and DAB/FM, but leaves out internet radio. This is perhaps the best compromise for a modern, easy to use radio, avoiding you needing to sift through the reams and reams of stations available online while letting you hook up with your phone.

If you’re not completely in love with the very retro-style look of the Roberts Revival, the Evoke D4 also aces design. It offers a hint of retro, but with a more modern interpretation that’ll look great in just about any room. We’re not been convinced by all of Pure’s recent designs, but we’ve a lot of affection for the looks of its higher-end radios. Unlike the cheaper radios here, the outer part of the Pure D4 is lacquered real wood too — it feels extremely well-made.

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This weight comes in handy if you want to use the Pure Evoke D4 as an alarm clock. Thanks to its superb snooze handle, this is one of the best alarm clocks around. Well, we say that: it has a capacitive handle on top that can be used to snooze an alarm with a touch. It’s genius, but makes it very easy to stay in bed too long.

Still, the only real criticism we have of the Evoke D4 is about its sound. While you can hear that Pure is using higher-quality speakers than the budget models here, the tuning of the sound is overly bassy, cutting into the clarity significantly. Unlike some other earlier models, there are no bass/treble controls to tweak this either.

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We didn’t hear the same sound issues in the Pure F4, so consider that model if you hate bloated bass. It does help give the sound a bit of extra welly, though.

If you want to use the Pure Evoke D4 as a portable set, it takes a ChargePak F1 battery available for £25 online. It’ll get you around 18 playback off a charge.

This is the only radio to come with a remote control too, giving it even more wireless cred. If only we didn’t have those sound issues it’d be a contender for king.

Buy Now at from £129.99

At time of review the Pure Evoke D4 was available for £119.99.

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