As A Protest Against Potholes In Bengaluru, A Mermaid Was Made To Sit In A Giant Pothole

Potholes are like that clingy friend who doesn’t leave you.


Potholes are basically everywhere.It looks like there is no solution to this or we’re not finding a solution to it. The number of deaths due to potholes all over the country is saddening. The thing is this can be controlled by humans but they choose not to. When heavy rains had lashed in Mumbai, the number of protests and questions we all had is something Bengaluru is going through now. Since almost a week, the city is drowning and the death poll because of potholes has increased.

But people of Bengaluru are no less. Who doesn’t remember this?

2 years!

— baadal nanjundaswamy (@baadalvirus) June 19, 2017

Pothole art is their way to gather attention.

— baadal nanjundaswamy (@baadalvirus) October 8, 2017

Imagine seeing a mermaid in the middle of a pothole? It does catch your attention, doesn’t it? An artist called Baadal Nanjundaswamy came up with an innovative idea to grab eyeballs. The pothole was near Cubbon Park junction. We’re really hoping it gets the attention it deserves.


— baadal nanjundaswamy (@baadalvirus) October 13, 2017

We think this is a pretty innovative step and we hope this works. What about you?

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