AIB : GoT Salesman Cut 11 (For internal viewing only)

AIB : GoT Salesman Cut 11 (For internal viewing only)

GOT fans lose their shit when they find out that Rohan is a non-believer who won’t bend the knee.

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Directed By
Puneet Chadha

Written By
Deloret Imnidian
Vishal Dayama
Puneet Chadha

Executive Producer
Naveed Manakkodan

Vivian Singh Sahi

Shashwatta Datta, Love Upadhyay

Featured Cast
Tanmay Bhat As GOT Salesman
Rohan Joshi As GOT Customer
Puneet Chadha As GOT Fan
Pulkit Arora As The Faceless Man
Supriya Joshi As GOT Fan
Kaavya Bector As The Faceless Man
Mohammed Juzar as Slave from Slaver’s Bay
Tejas Gaikwad as Rick and Morty Salesman
Dhruv Narang As Archmaester

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Online Editor
Siddhartha Thripathi

Assistant Directors
Deloret Imnindian
Mohammed Juzer

Production Manager
Mayank Choudhary

Production Executives
Jay Pikle
Tejas Gaikwad

Sound Design
Tejas Gaikwad

Bhawna Vashishtha

Art Director
Gladvin Picardo

Color Correction
Dipraj Jhadhav

Production Designer

AIB Social Media
Aakash Shah, Aditi Murti, Sandeep Singh, Sejal Badala, Gladvin Picardo, Deepak Kumar,

Location Sound
Pradyot Mandol

Karan Singh & Team

Manishkumar Nandlal Sao

Famous Cine Lights

Camera & Equipments
Video Plus

Spot Runners
Tejas, Salim

Star Caterers