According To Research This Is What Happens If You Don’t M@sturbate For 400 Days

A lot of studies have time and again cited masturbation as something that comes naturally and is healthy. Yet the taboo around masturbation continues to prevail and that’s the reason why not many people talk about it openly.

Now since we’re talking about masturbation, let us ask you a simple question. What is the longest time that you’ve gone without masturbating? How long have you kept your hormonal balance in tact and did not fancy jerking off?

But now it’s turns out to be that not having masturbated for long has some interesting benefits to offer. There’s a dedicated movement which promotes the benefits of not masturbating for long.

 Heard About The No Fap Movement Yet?

  This movement became popular on Reddit as a thread linking this movement to a Chinese study went bizarrely viral. This movement claims that not masturbating can shoot up your testosterone by 45 percent. Now isn’t that interesting?

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You’ve got testosterone mounting and that’s great, isn’t it?

This very movement is gaining popularity as being called the ‘No Fap Movement’ and people are taking up this challenge. Luke Eilers top decided to take up this challenge and see how long can he stay without touching himself.

Luke admitted that he was addicted to porn and felt really guilty after seeing those erotic adult videos. He also confessed that it really decreased his motivation and productivity.

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Luke took up the challenge and stayed without masturbating for 400 days. This saw him getting his motivation, productivity, spark, energy, and confidence increase by 10%

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Now this seems like a fancy experiment. Would you dare to take this challenge for the sake of enhancing your productivity, mental clarity, confidence and motion? Maybe it’s a worth a serious try.

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