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On Camera, Fake Instructor Pushed Student To Death During Disaster Drill


A man posing as a disaster drill instructor forced a 19-year-old student to jump from the second floor ledge of her college building leading to her death. In a video taken moments before her death the student can be seen screaming in terror as she looked down before being pushed. Lokeshwari, the second year student is seen hitting her head on the ledge of the floor below.

The bizarre disaster preparedness drill took place on Thursday at the Kalai Magal Arts and Science College in Coimbatore, where Lokeswari was studying for a business degree.

Officials of the National Disaster Management Authority or NDMA told NDTV that the man identified as Arumugam is not an instructor with them and neither is he trained to carry out drills with people.

At about 4 pm, students of the college were being shown how to escape if disaster strikes. A video of the training session has caught the moments before Lokeswari died. She was seen crouching on the ledge, looked too scared to follow the trainer’s instructions to jump.

Witnesses said Lokeswari did not want to jump even though a small group of people below promised to catch her.

She crashed to the ground after hitting the ledge. She was immediately taken to a private hospital nearby, which reportedly refused to treat her and referred her to a government hospital, where she died.

The instructor has been arrested and charged with causing death due to negligence. 

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