Chuck to Star in “Happy Days” Reboot

image for Chuck to Star in "Happy Days" Reboot

Hollywood, CA – The iconic ’70s television series Happy Days is back, and jumping the shark once again. The reboot, following the success of several other TV reboots, stars Dublin born Gavan O’Herlihy as Chuck Cunningham. None of the remaining original cast will appear on the show.

O’Herlihy plays an old college basketball jock who can’t forgive his family. The character “Chuck” was left for dead by his family in the 1950s while his family celebrated holidays and had fun times without him, even after adopting other grown men into the family with “stupid” names like “Fonzie” and “Chachi.”

“I’ll probably be asked to leave midway through Season 1 again,” said O’Herlihy. “I friggin’ hated everyone for doing that to me.”

Movie Director Ron Howard, who starred on the original series as Chuck’s younger brother Richie, is directing the show “until something better comes up.”

“I’m persona non grata after the failure of Hans Solo,” said Howard, “So this is the only work I can find.”

O’Herlihy admits there are some perks to doing the series. “At least I get to date Leather Tuscadero. She’s almost 70, but she’s still hot.”

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