Great Escape 3 star Vishal Dadlani: Responsible tourism is the need of the hour

Written by Komal RJ Panchal
| Mumbai |

Published: July 3, 2018 8:26:21 pm

Vishal Dadlani Great Escape 3 Vishal Dadlani’s Great Escape 3 will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm on Fox Life. 

The latest season of Great Escape is currently airing on Fox Life. The reality show revolves around two friends, who are completely opposite to each other, going on an epic road trip. Great Escape 3 features music director Vishal Dadlani and actor-VJ Sarah Jane Dias travelling to some of the most visually stunning parts of Himachal Pradesh.

In an interview with, Vishal and Sara opined that there is an alarming need for responsible tourism.

Sara Jane Dias said, “I don’t think it is only limited to travel shows, but everybody should be responsible, not just the celebrities. It is easy for people to say that ‘you’re a celebrity, you have a responsibility’. I think that ideology needs to be changed. Everybody has the responsibility. If I don’t litter, if I try to conserve water, I am not different from you. We are inhabitants of this planet and we are all responsible for it equally. So, yes, it is good when people in front of the camera talk about it, because the reach is that much more. But, as individuals we all have the responsibility towards our planet. It is important to educate people of the repercussions of their actions on the environment. Vishal and I are both extremely aware, sensible and compassionate about the environment. So, when we were there and when we saw that the rivers there were dried up, it hurt us. We spoke about it on the show. Nobody really told us to do that, but it came naturally to us.”

Sara’s thoughts resonate with Vishal Dadlani. He said, “The water problem in Shimla started a few days after we came back. Of course, many places in Himachal were already facing a water shortage. I did put it out on social media too. It was mostly on Shimla. The heartless way in which Shimla has been expanded. There are so many cars there. Not one point there is left with the calm and beauty that the place is known for otherwise. It is a nightmare. Shimla is a very famous destination and tourists keep going there. At this point of time, we need to give Shimla 10 years to recover. Everyone needs to stop going there. But then the local economy there thrives on tourism. So you can’t really take one away from the other. I think responsible tourism is the solution. We need to care more about our forests and rivers. There is great awareness about these issues today, but it is not penetrating anywhere else than the metros. Forests are being burnt down because of a superstition that burning forests brings rain. That kind of thinking needs to change.”

Great Escape 3 with Vishal and Sarah airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm on Fox Life.

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