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Thief Steals TV From Pizza Restaurant, Almost Gets Crushed Under It

Who doesn’t like coming back home from a crazy work day and chilling with a pizza and some good old TV. Sounds like a neat plan, what with pizza being just a phone call or tap on the app away. But what if the other component of this scenario is missing? What if there’s no TV? Who do you do then? Well, definitely not what one man in Louisiana, US did. A video shows the man sneaking into a pizza restaurant and stealing their TV away.

Red Zeppelin Pizza in Baton Rouge shared the video on their Facebook asking residents to help find the thief. “This man stopped by Red Zeppelin after midnight Monday night and stole our TV! Does anyone know this man? Any and all information will help in his arrest,” says the Facebook post, shared on March 29.

The video shows a middle-aged man unplugging the chords of the television set and dismounting it from the wall, struggling under its weight. For a few moments, it looks like the TV would crush him or smash on the ground but the man manages to steady himself, TV still intact.

The restaurant has not only asked locals to help find the man but also offers a $500 gift card as reward for information on him. They also shared a picture of the man and a video of the car he drove in.

“Add socks with flip flops to his arrest list,” one Facebook user comments on the post. “Oh my. Is the broken back worth the TV?” comments another.

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