Preeti Simoes on Kapil Sharma: When we were in a relationship, he was doing well

Written by Sana Farzeen
| Mumbai |
Published: April 7, 2018 4:11:43 pm

kapil sharma preeti simoes Yesterday, Kapil Sharma posted a series of offensive tweets against a media house stating that they published negative stories against him

From being a comedian to being at the center of various controversies, Kapil Sharma has come a long way. Last year, he got involved in a fight with co-actor Sunil Grover that led to his team falling apart and shortly after, his film Firangi tanked at the box office. Even his show, The Kapil Sharma Show, went off air.

Yesterday, Kapil posted a series of offensive tweets against a media house stating that they published negative stories against him because of their personal vendetta that was financially fuelled by other parties. This morning, the world woke up to him filing a police complaint against his ex-managers Preeti and Neeti Simoes and a veteran journalist for working hand in glove against him.

Also READ: Kapil Sharma files police complaint against ex-managers for maligning his reputation reached out to Preeti, who shared that she is not hurt but amused by the developments, “I am sure it’s not Kapil who is doing it, people around him have definitely manipulated him. He hasn’t even tweeted those posts, someone else has his phone I am sure. It all feels so childish and stupid. Does he even know what is he talking about? He talks about giving out personal information, ask him what is he referring to? I don’t even know the journalist well who he claims was paid by me. He says he is depressed, but I want to ask why? And why aren’t his friends and girlfriend Ginni Chatrath, who he ceremoniously introduced to the world, with him, when he is depressed? When we were in a relationship, both personally and professionally, he was doing well. The downfall only came after we separated.”

As she mentioned this, we asked her if she was confirming they were indeed dating. Taking a deep breath, she quipped, “Of course we were in a relationship but Kapil, as per his convenience has put it in different titles; sometimes I am a friend, creative director, and manager. But I have been with the man for eight years and today I can confidently say that he is not the person I knew for years. He has changed a lot and I can’t connect with him anymore. And I blame the people around him for the same.”

“There have been so many people, who come out saying they are his close friends. I want to know then why is Kapil in such a state. Friends should be supporting and helping each other. Remember when Kapil tweeted to PM Narendra Modi, we bailed him out of that sticky situation. When we were working together, no shoots were ever cancelled, the show was popular and Kapil was happy. I don’t see any of it right now,” she further added.

Here’s the tweet that Kapil posted about the police complaint against Preeti, her sister Neeti and a journalist.

Preeti still holds her association with Kapil strong and shared that she is ready to work with him again. “See he is a talented guy and he is ruining his life with these things. I have time and again maintained that we are open to reconciling and working together but I know the people around him would never let him do that. Also his ego would not allow him to join hands with us, but me, Neeti and the entire team has always been open to the idea of getting back together to once again reign over television.”

Lastly, she added that she is not surprised that this controversy happened on the day her show Dhan Dhana Dhan was to launch. “Join the dots, we are all set to open big and we are being blamed for maligning his reputation. What about ours? But we are strong girls and know how to answer back with our work. The show has turned out to be a wonderful one and I will make sure that we make it a super successful one. The entire team wants to focus on the positive energy and look ahead to a great start than pondering over this meaningless case.”

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