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Glass Door Shatters As Child Plays With It. Scary Moment Caught On Camera

The frightening moment when a glass door shattered on a child has been caught on camera in China. The terrifying video shows the kid and another older boy playing with the sliding door when it suddenly shatters into smithereens. The boy was rushed to the hospital where he received several stitches on his face.

A cautionary tale for everyone to be more careful, the incident took place at an Apple Store in a Chengdu shopping mall last month, reports Shanghaiist.

The video, shared on Facebook by Shanghaiist earlier today, shows the boy, named Meng Meng, playing with the doors while his mother looked at phones at the store. She is seen rushing to her child who falls on the ground due to the impact of the crashed glass. The child was then rushed to the hospital.

According to Shanghaiist, the mother is now seeking a compensation of 200,000 yuan from the store. She believes the incident has made her four-year-old introverted and she worries that it may affect his growth and development.

The store’s manager, meanwhile, is of the opinion that the mother should share the blame with the store.The video has collected quite a few reactions from people on Facebook.

“No glass door should break that easily. It was a small kid pushing on it not the Hulk,” says one Facebook user. “My glass shower door did that and no one was in the room. Or had used the shower in 8 hours. Sometimes weird things happen,” says another.

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