10 Times Bollywood Filmmakers Used Small Details In Films To Make The Movie More Meaningful!

For a movie to work,  you need a great script, a brilliant director and a smart cast of actors who know how to express the emotions effectively.  Many movies try to get all of these combinations right and more often than not, do nail it. But there is another thing that makes the movie what it is. Details, details, and details.

Filmmakers who take extra efforts to make sure every frame makes sense and looks authentic create a beautiful tapestry of cinema that is enjoyed by the audience.  Sometimes it is creating that realistic atmosphere to make the story more believable or sometimes it is using the props to symbolize the growth of the characters.

These movies have used these tiny details to bring meaning to the story. The filmmakers took such great care of these details that they never appear in-your-face and blend seamlessly in the film. This is why we missed them!

Here are 10 such examples where filmmakers sneakily tried to make the film more believable!

#1.  Masaan

This movie was strikingly haunting and beautiful at the same time. It was a commentary on societal norms and the regressive concept of ‘casteism’ in India. The movie paid attention to the minutest details to bring forward this differentiation. Deepak Choudhary is shown from lower cast whose family’s livelihood depends on cremation along the banks. He is shown holding a burning twig in his hand. Another scene shows him lighting his gas stove with the same lit twig. This is the direct symbolism of their hand to mouth existence, they burn human corpse to feed themselves.

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#2. Swades


The movie showed the evolution of mineral water in India. It was not shown in an obvious manner but sneaked in through the plot. In the 90s, Mineral Water was a big deal. However, us desis considered it as a precious commodity and preferred boiling water at home. The bottled water was, however, more preferred by the NRIs. In one scene Shah Rukh Khan was seen refusing a glass of water at Kaveriamma at Gita’s house and instead opting for safer bottled water. Now, we don’t think much before buying a Bisleri or Aquafina.

#3. Dev D


In the movie Dev D, did you spot Nawazuddin Siddiqui making an appearance in the song ‘Emotional Atyaachar’? He was part of the band performing in the shaadi.

#4. Tamasha

Untitled design (29)

In the film Tamasha, Ranbir Kapoor is shown as a reserved quiet guy who keeps to himself most of the times, Deepika is shown as his polar opposite. To make sure these characters look authentic, the makers decided on the costume that depicted their personality truly. Hence, Ranbir is seen wearing a lot of layers, as if hiding his true self and Deepika is shown wearing fewer clothes symbolizing her open nature.

#5. MS Dhoni

Untitled design (31)

The makers of MS Dhoni made sure they got their vehicle number plates right. Since the movie takes place across timeline it also showed the evolution of Jharkhand. In 1999, it was still a part of Bihar. They showed this in the scene where Dhoni is driving his bike with number plate BR 14 P 6782. When the movie skips to 2005 -Jharkand was already a separate state – the number plate shows as JH 05 Q 8634.

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#6. 3  Idiots


Remember the ‘Chamatkaar’ scene from the movie that had us laughing uproariously! Yes, Rajkumar Hirani made sure it was error free. In a scene before the speech takes place, we see the guys replacing the word Chamatkaar with Balatkaar and they are using a word doc for the same. You can actually see them replacing the word six times in the document. The word Balatkaar was used exactly six times in the speech too! Details are the name of the game for Hirani!

#7. Queen

Untitled design (30)

This Kangana Ranaut movie was well appreciated amongst the audience. It showed a docile Rani finally learning to be free spirited and finding her freedom from the shackles of life. In the last scene, Kangana is seen wearing a gorgeous dress and looks ecstatic to have found herself. She is seen running through Amsterdam and in the final scene, she is spotted outside a Dutch restaurant named De Vrijheid ‘ which translates to ‘The Freedom’ which indicates the mood of the character and the film.

#8. Golmaal

Golmaal names v2

Rohit Shetty’s film too surprisingly snuck in an important trivia that we all missed. If you combine the first letters of the 4 main characters, it spells the name of the film – Golmaal!

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#9. Airlift


Everyone who has seen the movie Airlift, knows it was about the tough rescue mission. The movie tried to aim for realistic portrayal by being a stickler for details. In once scene, Akshay can be seen packing for his mission, you can clearly see the clothes he has set aside to take for his trip. The filmmakers made sure he wears those clothes in another scene in the film, hence keeping it real.

#10. Shuddh Desi Romance


This desi rom-com although wasn’t a commercial hit but it was true to details. Jaideep Sahni made sure his characters come across as authentic by creating an atmosphere that represented the temperament of the characters. Parineeti Chopra’s role was shown as someone who was sick of relationships and commitment. She lives alone and loves her freedom. She meets Raghu (Sushant Singh Rajput) and they hit it off. The morning after scene made sure it showed the life of a spinster living alone realistically. When you live alone in a PG, you have a single pillow for your bed. This was shown aptly hence Sushant ends up resting his head against a folded bed sheet instead of a pillow.

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