When Neville Longbottom of 'Harry Potter' met Eleven of 'Stranger Things'

Matthew Lewis, otherwise known as Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter series has a tattoo of number 11 in roman letters on his right arm. The star never gave any explanation about it until he met Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie Bobby Brown, who became a sensation after her portrayal as Eleven on Netflix’s sleeper hit Stranger Things, recently hung out with Matthew Lewis. Lewis posted a photo of the meeting on his Instagram page with a caption: “A lot of people ask what my tattoo means. Now you know.”

Two worlds collided and another possibility of a crossover opened up with just one Instagram post. Imagine the combined forces of Neville’s magic and Eleven’s superpower! The creatures of Upside Down stand no chance!

JK Rowling, Matt and Ross Duffer, are you seeing this?

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