Wasn't us!

This week’s release Saat Uchakkey was recommended over a 100 cuts by the Central Board of Film Certification (aka the Censor Board), but got away with voluntary cuts recommended by the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT aka the Tribunal), including Manoj Bajpayee’s character repeatedly referring to his girlfriend (played by Aditi Sharma) as a kutiya (bitch) repeatedly.

And this is in clear violation of the CBFC’s guidelines which clearly state that no action or word that is deregatory towards women should be allowed. Censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani retorts, “You must ask the Tribunal how or why Bajpayee is allowed to get away with referring to a woman as a ‘kutiya’, not once, but repeatedly. We rejected all the gaalis and derogatory terms.”

The makers of the film then took Saat Uchakkey to the tribunal, who asked the director to make suitable voluntary cuts. The director cleaned out as much as he could, returned for his censor certificate and got it.

Says Nihalani, “I wonder what purpose the Censor Board serves when the Tribunal can easily upturn all our decisions. Now, the CBFC are being asked why we’ve allowed a film with such filthy language, to be certified. I just want to make it known that the CBFC had nothing to do with Saat Uchakkey being cleared.”

Ask SU director Sanjeev Sharma, the necessity for the usage of the word, and he explains, “I just wanted to be truthful to the characters and their treatment. Lovers in that kind of milieu which I’ve addressed, talk and behave like that with women. They’re a product of a very complex reality. And I decided to be non-judgmental with them.”

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