This is why Shivaay actress was impressed by Ajay Devgan

Polish actress Erika Kaar is all set to make her Bollywood debut with Shivaay and the actress has already imbibed much from actor Ajay Devgn. She was surprised to see Ajay perform his own stunts for the film.

In Hollywood, most stars go for body doubles rather than risk falling down and getting injured while doing some action sequences. But Ajay wanted to raise the bar when it comes to action for this film. The trailer itself has him doing daredevil scenes such as climbing snow-covered mountains and driving on top speed.

Seeing her hero indulge in these acts, the actress too, was inspired to try out a few stunts herself. “Actors in the West don’t take the risk of doing their own stunts. So, it was surprising to see Ajay perform death-defying action himself. Not only is it commendable, but to see him perform his stunts himself during the Bulgaria schedule also inspired and motivated me to do a couple of my action sequences myself,” says Erika.

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