There are bad things and bad people in this world: Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra has been ranked ninth ‘Most Handsome Face’ among other celebrities across the world, as per a survey. The star has three big-banner projects in his kitty and has been signed as the Indian ambassador for a social initiative. With an eventful beginning to the year, the actor is in a positive space as far as his professional life is concerned. HT Café engages in a tête-à-tête with the young actor.

How important are peripherals such as social media, PR, brand value, et al. to you?

I think that purely depends on what your plan and interest is. Some boys and girls (actors) really like a certain projection of themselves, probably they want to focus on being fashionable. All this is exciting, but it doesn’t surpass [doing] an amazing film such as Ek Villain (2014) and Kapoor and Sons (2016). The high that you get to entertain an audience – make them cry, laugh or emotional – is beyond everything else. However, we will be asked to go to certain places to promote certain things. I would rather go for an event or engage in social media for causes that I believe in.

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Skill India is an initiate that you are now associated with…

I am really happy about it. It’s a great initiative to help the youth of the country, train them in different skills, and inspire people who are from humble backgrounds. If I have to walk the red carpet or use the social media for a positive cause that is more exciting for me.

Do you feel more responsible now?

I wouldn’t say I am burdened by it. However, I would think if it is justified to do a certain thing in a film, or do we have extreme reasons [for doing something in a movie] because we can’t have barriers when it comes to storytelling. There are bad things and bad people in this world. Sometimes as an actor and a storyteller, you’re portraying that (bad things and people) as well. I am not averse to it, but I’m conscious that a particular sequence in a story should look justified and not put in a negative way, just to grab attention.

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By now, do you anticipate questions on your equation with Alia Bhatt in every interview?

Not exactly… I hope people go beyond it, and talk about my work, and only me. I sound like a typical narcissistic actor (laughs). But anyway, I understand… sometimes.

What is that one quality about Alia as an actor that you would like to imbibe?

I really admire the work she does. I think she is good with her monologues. She has a great graph. She makes you feel the correct moment and the correct words, which is slightly a technical thing (as far as acting is concerned). Delivering long monologues and picking five to six lines in a row, giving it a variety and correct emotions – that is something she (Alia) does exceptionally well. Most of her movies have had those (emotional) outbreaks (scenes), and she does it really well.

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Have you been offered a film by Shakun Batra, co-starring Alia Bhatt?

That you will have to ask Shakun (chuckles). He would be the best to answer. That being said, I love Shakun and know him personally. We recently shot an ad film together. We have a great time. It will be amazing to work with the same team again, especially Shakun.

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There are bad things and bad people in this world: Sidharth Malhotra