She Corrected A Student's Spelling On Twitter And Was FIRED For It

In an attempt to remain more accessible to both parents and students, more and more schools are turning to social media to keep everyone in the loop.

Most of us grew up having to listen to the radio or watch the scrolling list of schools run across the TV to determine if school was closed or not, but today, students and parents can simply visit their school’s social media page to find snow day information in a matter of seconds.

And while some schools are actively seeking new ways to engage their friends and followers, one school district has found itself in the center of a debate after they fired one of their staff members for taking their social media presence a bit too far.

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Katie Nash was terminated from her position as Web Experience Coordinator for Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland after she corrected a student’s spelling mistake on Twitter.

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As the school district prepared for a potential snow day on January 5, one student tweeted to the district’s Twitter handle, pleading for them to give students the day off. The tweet read, “close school tammarow PLEASE.”

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She Corrected A Student's Spelling On Twitter And Was FIRED For It