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Scientists Say Earth Is On Its Way To The Biggest Mass Extinction Since Dinosaurs

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That our planet’s condition is deteriorating is no new news, but the latest claims made by scientists will change the way one may look at the current depreciating circumstances of our existence with more consciousness. The claim being – Massive Extinction!


The last extinction that happened on a massive scale occurred 66 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs from face of the planet. The scientists claim that similar doom looms around us in the coming future.

A new study says, the populations of nearly 9,000 vertebrate species, including mammals, such as cheetahs, lions and giraffes, have significantly declined between 1900 and 2015. Almost 200 species have gone extinct in the last 100 years alone.

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The population of cheetahs may drop by 53% in the next 15 years, while that of lions has dropped by 40% in the last 20 years.

The authors describe the shrinking population of species as “a massive erosion of the greatest biological diversity in the history of Earth.”

No marks for guessing the culprit – Humans. With its ever-expanding ambitions into greener pastures (quite literally here!), the loss of natural habitat for the species galore along with the escalating pollution has seen tremendous decline in the “life of our planet”.

The study’s lead author, Gerardo Ceballos, an ecology professor of Mexico, said”

“The massive loss of populations and species reflects our lack of empathy to all the wild species that have been our companions since our origins. It is a prelude to the disappearance of many more species and the decline of natural systems that make civilization possible.”

The Earth has already gone through 5 massive extinctions and it has been predicted that the next 100 years will see more than 50-75 % species becoming just a name in the history books. This could very much pave the way for the sixth one.

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