Same guy: Jim Carrey and Sooraj Pancholi

There’s much tying Sooraj Pancholi to Jim Carrey. And it’s bizarre how similar their recent lives have been and how the events post a girlfriend’s death have played out.

As things stand, one of Hollywood’s most loved comic stars Jim is being accused of the wrongful death of his former girlfriend Cathriona White by her mother Bridget Sweetman, a year after the former make-up artist committed suicide by overdosing on drugs that allegedly belonged to the actor.

And if you feel a sense of deja vu, it’s because Sooraj Pancholi was accused not too long ago of abetting the suicide (by hanging) of his former girlfriend, the late starlet, Jiah Khan by her mother Rabia.

While both were accused of abusing their significant others at the time, Sooraj’s story had an abortion angle, Jim’s a transmission of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Jiah died in June 2013, Cathriona in September 2015. Both young girls with promising careers, who took their own lives. A toxicology report confirmed suicide in Cathriona’s case and a CBI report submitted to the Bombay High Court confirmed suicide in Jiah’s case.

But here’s the thing, despite their respective heartbroken mothers insisting that the man in their daughter’s life was responsible for their death, they have been vindicated of the accusations.

Sooraj made a much-hyped debut in Hero, produced by one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, Salman Khan. He is currently shooting for his other films. Carrey’s career has not seen a dip either and he will be seen in an upcoming film called True Crimes.

Rabia has vowed to continue her fight to get ‘justice’ for her daughter and Bridget’s battle is just starting, but in the absence of strong incriminating evidence, the two clearly have a long way to go.

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