Pixar filmmakers' short animated film for adults has social media buzzing

There is something magical about writers from Pixar Studios, who always manage to touch your heart. They have left you teary eyed like the five-minute love story in Up, had you laughing in the Toy Story trilogy, made you think about how you feel in Inside Out. While the full-length feature films have left an impression on you, the Pixar shorts are on par – if not better than the full length features. If you don’t believe us, check out Lava, Day and Night, The Famous Magician Presto and La Luna.

A few days ago, Pixar filmmakers Lou Hamou-Lhadj and Andrew Coat put up a short film that is six minutes long. The film, titled Borrowed Time, is set in the wild west and focuses on the relationship between a rough-and-tough sheriff and his father. Both Hamou-Lhadj and Coat are the artists behind Pixar hits such as The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out and Brave.

While speaking about the movie in a video that was uploaded on YouTube, Hamou-Lhadj said, “In America, animation has largely become synonymous with kids’ films, whereas elsewhere around the world, it’s celebrated as a medium that can be used to tell any story. We feel this cultural difference limits the potential audience and range of themes in American animation, and is a large part of why we chose to make Borrowed Time.”

The movie, whose primary character is the cowboy, is reminiscing about the time he spent with his father and how he committed a grave mistake. “We had originally considered the theme of forgiveness, but realised that if we did use that as our primary theme, then we would have to make a longer film. We then chose closure as our theme and went ahead and made the movie,” says Andrew Coat on the same YouTube video.

The film, which took the makers five years to make, is a visual treat. It is dark, but even the scenes where you see brightness and colours you usually associate with Pixar studios, are fast-paced and heartbreaking. You normally won’t associate Borrowed Time with traditional Pixar movies, even though Toy Story 3 had a dark theme.

We strongly recommend you watch the movie, which has already been shared over 2,00,000 times on YouTube since it was put up on October 16. On Facebook, the film has been shared over 2,000 times. Our only message to you: keep your handkerchiefs ready.

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