Movie: The Crew

The Crew

Dir: Nikolai Lebedev

Cast: Vladimir Mashkov, Danila Kozlovsky, Agne Grudyte and Katerina Shpitsa

Rating: **

What’s it about:

Believe it or not, it’s Russia’s attempt at making a disaster flick. Or its attempt at showing why their pilots are the best, most effective and most reliable, all their flaws notwithstanding.

It’s about how an older pilot Leonard is forced to take on a trainee, a former military pilot Alex under his wing and train him in flying passenger planes, while keeping his emotions in check.

And yeah, how they save the day and some people from a volcano that threatens the people on an island.

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What’s hot:

The visual effects, even those in pilot simulation are very well done. The flight scenes, the volcano scenes and the general photography are competently done.

What’s not:

The long-winding, hand-wringing tale of two men in a situation neither wants to be in. The younger one makes his peace, but the older one doesn’t. He has a son that refuses to obey him. Work isn’t that exciting and one surmises, being a pilot must be pretty boring. The supporting cast and the lead actors seem invested, even if you’re not, as the audience and it is something that irritates you. The script is severely limited by the constant contrast played out between the idealism of the younger pilot and the effectiveness of the older one. Subplots are introduced but seem to have abrupt ends.

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What’s not:

Sully, this is not. It’s entertaining, for a wee bit, and as dubbed films go, largely disappointing with a subtle hint that things could have been much better.

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Movie: The Crew