‘Kahaani 2’ Teaser Poster Out: Vidya Bagchi Missing In Action

Vidya Balan’s excellent performance in Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Kahaani’ made Vidya Bagchi a household name in Bollywood-loving homes across the world. The ‘Kahaani’ team has been working on a sequel and things have been kept “on the down low”.

They’ve just released a teaser poster for ‘Kahaani 2’ and it looks like Vidya Bagchi isn’t on the cast and characters.


Balan will be seen playing a whole different character in the sequel. Not only that, it also looks like she’ll be playing the role of the perpetrator this time around. Why they’re calling it a sequel at all, nobody knows!

Also, looking at this teaser poster, one is forced to add that Vidya Balan is a lot of things — a compelling actor, a powerhouse performer from her very first movie, and so on and so forth — but the one thing she isn’t, is fair! The hopeful among us cling to the idea that this is nothing but a publicity stunt, and not a surrogate advertisement for fairness products!

It remains to be seen why the makers of a kickass, evolved movie like ‘Kahaani’ suddenly decided to start moving in the wrong direction.


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