Indian army ready to deal with any misadventure from Pak

The Indian army on Tuesday reassured the nation that they are fully prepared to deal with any misadventure from the Pakistani army, even as militants continue to be present on the other side of the Line of Control (LoC) desperately trying to infiltrate into the Indian side.

“On the LoC, our preparedness is of the highest degree. Indian army is prepared to deal with any misadventure from across the LoC by the regulars or otherwise,” Lieutenant General Satish Dua, general officer commanding (GOC) 15 corps told reporters here.

The army commander noted that militants are still on the other side of LoC and continuously make attempts to infiltrate into Indian side. “We do see the presence across the LoC. The very fact they are infiltrating at different places, and several such encounters have taken place is ample proof that they are still there, and continue to make attempts to infiltrate. Like I said we are prepared for that or any other eventuality,” he said.

Lt Gen Dua admitted that some infiltration has taken place, but maintained that the encounters along the LoC, and the number of militants eliminated show the preparedness of the Army.

“Several infiltration attempts have been made in last couple of months. You are aware about how many of them have been foiled and how many terrorists have been neutralized somewhere in the vicinity of the LoC. So yes there is an increase in attempts of infiltration, and the Indian army is totally geared up to meet any challenge,” he said.

The GOC however refused to comment on the surgical strikes saying this topic has been spoken of in various channels and various mediums. “It has been debated at length. All I will say is that appropriate authorities have already given out details that can be given to the media, and that is what I can tell you about. Authorities in Delhi, from the political establishments, and from the army have spoken, and we have given our point of view,” he said.

Asked about the Uri terror attacks, Lt Gen Dua noted that they have made necessary improvements. “Whenever any operation or attack takes place, the army has a way of instituting its own mechanism to learn lessons and implement any improvement that need to be made. All this has been done. We have taken stock and have implemented the necessary improvements,” he said.

On militants presence in south Kashmir, he said the army did not launch the major counter terror operation for the fear of collateral damage since ultras were moving in protests for the last three months.

“In south Kashmir, we got militants moving around during the protests. We did not launch major operations for fear of collateral damage. Of late whenever there are inputs, we are launching operations,” he said.

The army commander said that they have deployed enough forces to cool things down. “Roughly two brigades have come in, and things have actually quieted down in south Kashmir,” he said

Expressing concern over the growing incidents of riffle snatching, he said the issue is being addressed jointly by police and the army. “There are small pockets of the police where they are not able to tackle the situation when terrorists come there. It is a cause for concern, and it is being addressed jointly with the police,” he said.

Lt Gen Dua admitted that some of the missing boys in south Kashmir have joined the militant ranks but said the exact number is not yet known.

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