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Facebook Shuts Down Artificial Intelligence System After Bots Speak In Their Own Language

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Terminator is an iconic movie, the sci-fi flick that gave us goosebumps, but not in the typical ghostly horror sense, but the fact that technology, if given its own intelligence, can be equally horrifying. Since then, many have tried to innovate AI in the reel as well as real world, but none could match the recent Facebook chat-bots that scared the living daylights out of its own designers to an extent that they decided to shut it down. The reason being – Chat-bots invented their own language and started communicating on their own!


This may look like a huge advancement in the field of AI, but other innovators such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk has earlier tweeted that “I’ve talked to Mark about this (AI). His understanding of the subject is limited.”

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Elon Musk has a cautious approach towards the rate at which AI is being developed is because he believes it to be “biggest risk we face as a civilization.”

The latest development in Facebook could just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI advancements.

Facebook is one of the heavyweights in the AI innovations, but the chat-bot event may slow down their pace at which they are developing AI. Facebook developed chat-bots that can converse only in English. However, researchers from the Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR) found that while they were busy trying to improve chat-bots, the “dialogue agents” were creating their own language.

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Soon, the bots began to deviate from the scripted norms and started communicating in an entirely new language which they created without human input by using machine learning!

Tech Times said,

“The AI did not start shutting down computers worldwide or something of the sort, but it stopped using English and started using a language that it created. After learning to negotiate, the bots relied on machine learning and advanced strategies in an attempt to improve the outcome of these negotiations. Over time, the bots became quite skilled at it and even began feigning interest in one item in order to ‘sacrifice’ it at a later stage in the negotiation as a faux compromise.”

Elon Musk also said,

“AI is a rare case where we need to be proactive in regulation instead of reactive because if we’re reactive in AI regulation it’s too late.”

He does have a valid point. Instead of racing rapidly towards AI development, there should be some rules and norms, till what extent AI should be developed. If not regulated, then sky is the limit in the world of AI, with unknown and innumerable possibilities possible, that may not necessarily be in favor of humans. The reason being, AI is a paradox – On one hand, we want machines to learn and make decisions on its own and on another, we want it to do exactly as programmed and not deviate from it.

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