Did You Know That Indians Are The Most Over-Worked Employees In The World?

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In today’s age of beating the competition, satisfying the clients, racing ahead of the peers, slogging it out for that next big promotion and running to chase a few extra bucks, Indians have earned a pitiful record of being one of the “most overworked” in the world!


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The global survey by Regus conducted among 12,000 employees in 85 countries found out that,

  • 45% workers in India work for 9-11 hours every day.
  • Over 50% of employees in India work way more than eight hours a day.
  • Over 40% regularly take their work home.

In Another survey by Mintel,

  • Indians work 52 hrs/week compared with China’s 48 hrs/week and Australia and Britain’s 41 hrs/week.
  • One in five suffer from fatigue, blood pressure and diabetes.
  • India is 4th most holiday deprived nation in the world!
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There are many cases where the employees regret not being able to spend time with their own families to due abundant work and arduous work timings that demand a lot of time.

The tendency of the company to cut jobs and keep minimum workforce adds an extra burden to the employee.

Also, with professionals working in scenarios like medical, fireplace, etc. face the heat. Since, there are no work timings fixed as one has to report to the emergency on the go.

So, it is time for Indians to think about the issue before they burn-out and drop dead in the cut-throat competition that will never culminate.

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