Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra aka 'Naksh' and Priyanka Jagga have a major showdown

A major fight breaks out in the Bigg Boss house on Day three between commoner Priyanka Jagga and celeb Rohan Mehra aka Naksh. Priyanka has already been crowned with the title of the trouble maker in the house owing to her behaviour right from Day one.

It’s been barely 3 days and looks like there’s trouble in Bigg Boss’ paradise already. After initially picking on Roadies fame VJ Bani, Priyanka has now started targeting Yeh Righta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Rohan Mehra.

Here’s what transpired before the ugly fight:

When Rohan is about to have his meal, Priyanka stops him and asks him to come and sit next to her. The actors does as he is told, saying that it won’t be of any use in keeping him away from the celebs as he knows the answer to the riddle question (about the sevaks, i.e., Indiawaale) asked by Bigg Boss.

But hell breaks lose when Mannu Punjabi tries to pull Rohan down with his demeaning comments, saying that he won’t be able to do anything. The verbal argument took an ugly turn and the other contestants had to interfere to prevent an evident brawl.

The matter doesn’t end there. It gets even uglier when Priyanka once again tries to irk Rohan by ordering him to bring her a glass of water just when everyone is about to sleep. Rohan gets water for her but accidentally ends up spilling some of it on her. This apparently makes her furious and feel offended and makes her pick up a huge fight. She then forces Rohan to wash her clothes in the middle of the night. All this while Rohan doesn’t retort. He accepts all the insult even when Priyanka takes a jibe at him saying that she knows him and his family pretty well and doesn’t want to reveal his secrets.

Later, when Rohan takes her name while guessing the riddle question about the commoners which was about, someone who’s mother made beedis for a living, Priyanka again gets miffed and takes insult on herself. She ultimately decides to throw Rohan in Jail. Soon, after other participants convince her to let him out after 5 minutes. Watch this space for more updates.

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