Bigg Boss 10 January 19 preview: After wedding, Mona Lisa turns her back on Manu Punjabi

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published:January 19, 2017 7:28 pm

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After two days of seeing happy and smiling faces inside the Bigg Boss 10 house, be prepared for a series of arguments and squabbles among the contestants. Mona Lisa will finally bid adieu to her husband Vikrant with teary eyes and a heavy heart. She will return to the house but with a changed attitude towards her best friend Manu Punjabi.

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Manu finds Mona’s behaviour towards him very strange and confronts her. Mona tells him that matters related to their friendship are being glorified and blown out proportion outside the house and it has been bothering her. She adds that after her marriage, she can’t afford to make any wrong move or take any wrong decision that will have a ripple effect on their life. Manu confides in Manveer and tells him that it’s Vikrant who has manipulated Mona and has drilled random thoughts into her head. So is this the end of the trio M3 (Manu, Manveer, and Mona Lisa)?

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Meanwhile, Lopamudra is emerging as the new troublemaker inside the house as she once again gets onto the nerves of Manu and Manveer because of her untidy habits. Bani adds fuel to fire by saying that Lopa’s friendship with Manu and Manveer is of sheer convenience.

#ManveerGurjar & @TheManuPunjabi pull @MonalisaAntara‘s leg as she comes back to the #BiggBoss house! #BB10 #Video

— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) January 19, 2017

In the evening, Bigg Boss introduces another challenging task that will give the contestants an extra edge to save themselves from the upcoming nominations. The housemates will be divided into two teams, Team Manu (Manu, Manveer, and Lopamudra) and Team Rohan (Mona, Bani, Rohan). Manu’s team has to stretch the cord and take a position next to a red mark with their hands firmly placed on it at all times. They have to make sure that the majority of their team members survive in the said position for the longest time and the other team has to move them from their position.

.@bani_j, @MonalisaAntara & @rohan4747 start planning their game after housemates are divided into 2 teams again for the next task! #BB10

— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) January 19, 2017

To what extent will @bani_j go to raise the difficulties for #ManveerGurjar, @themanupunjabi & @lopa9999 in the task? #BB10 #video

— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) January 19, 2017

As the task commencement buzzer rings, Bani and Rohan start irritating Team Manu. They try to distract them by throwing ice cold water, oil, spices, curd, sawdust and ice cubes on them that make them feel disgusted. Manu’s hand moves from the red mark and he loses out on his chance in the game. Now it will be interesting to see whether Manveer and Lopamudra be able to survive in the game.

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