Arnab Goswami Gets Mocked For Terror Threats: Is It A Bad Idea To Take A Nationalistic Stance?

The government providing ‘Y’ security cover to Arnab Goswami, the editor-in-chief of Times Now news channel, has evoked sharp criticism from a certain section of Twitterati and few self-proclaimed liberals.The security was provided to him on the basis of a threat-perception analysis by the IB, as a result of which he will get 20 guards, including two personal security officers, to protect him 24×7.


Soon after the news, hashtag #TommyGetsSecurity started trending against the Times Now anchor and became a top trend. The term tommy was used to show him as a lapdog of the establishment.

Here were some of the responses:

Arnab Goswami is the only Indian News Anchor who has been Shown Middle finger in his own @thenewshour show @TimesNow 😉😂 #TommyGetsSecurity

— Invincible (@i_me_my5elf) October 16, 2016

Why👉 #TommyGetsSecurity ?
Becoz @TimesNow
never asks about
🔼Rising prices
🔼Growing Unemployment
🔼Farmer Suicides
🔼Crony Capitalism

— Kumari Ratna (@_iratna) October 16, 2016

Arnab Goswami gets 20 guards Y category security.. for asking hard-hitting questions to Govt… err.. non-BJP parties #TommyGetsSecurity

— Tinu Cherian Abraham (@tinucherian) October 17, 2016

#TommyGetsSecurity Now Arnab realizes his Bakwashour Anti people so for own protection he get from his boss protection. #TommyGetsSecurity

— Alamgir Rizvi (@alamgirizvi) October 16, 2016

Has Modi Government decided to provide Y Security Cover to #ArnabGoswami @TimesNow ?? Reward for ????????#TommyGetsSecurity

— Maharashtra Congress (@mahcongress) October 16, 2016

Had (Y) Security cover been provided to @BDUTT @sardesairajdeep, Arnab would hve started hastag PakStoogesGetsSecurity #TommyGetsSecurity

— Salman Nizami (@SalmanNizami_) October 16, 2016

Nation wants to know , Why should taxpayers money be used to pay security of a pvt entity without public consent ? #TommyGetsSecurity

— alka narula (@narulaAlka) October 16, 2016


No so amused with the report, Justice Markandey Katju wrote in his Facebook post:

Journalist Shivam Vij, suggested the security cover was a reward for his loyalty. He tweeted:

.@bdutt and @sardesairajdeep get violent threats from Bhakts all the time but Modi give gives security cover to Arnab and Sudhir Chaudhry

— Shivam Vij (@DilliDurAst) October 17, 2016

 Author Salil Tripathi joked: “I hope Arnab Goswami’s bodyguards are well-protected as they guard India’s main weapon. They deserve industry-strength ear-plugs.”

The journalist, who is known for his prime time news-hour debates, has been very vocal against terrorists organisations and Pakistan since Uri terror attacks in which 19 army soldiers lost their lives.

Recently in a News Hour discussion around comments by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and others that video proof of India’s surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir should be released, Goswami attacked global media outlets CNN and BBC.


On the question of whether the strike took palce, Arnab said, “Who the hell is CNN and BBC? Is the Indian Army accountable to CNN and BBC? I haven’t heard anything more ridiculous.”

He has also supported an online petition to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state. He claimed that “Pakistan provides patronage to international terrorists banned by the UN,” and appealed to every Indian to support the petition.

He also adds: “From the Lashkar to the Jaish and from the Taliban to the Haqqani network, all of them operate and grow out of Pakistan…Support this petition because Pakistan does all this with impunity and absolutely no remorse. Isolate Pakistan.”


While no one can argue that criticism from his peers was justifiable given the massive TRPs of the show, what was surprising is how many others joined the bandwagon despite knowing that he is known to shout at anti-nationals.

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