Apple’s Mac event to be held on October 27th

Everyone expected Apple to offer a glimpse of a new MacBook during the Cupertino event, held in September but Apple decided to only show off the new iPhone 7 models.

This time around, the event will focus solely on MacBooks. Reportedly, the new lineup will be completely refreshed, rather than minor upgrades.

According to reports, Apple will ditch the 11-inch MacBook, in favour of a 13-inch device. Moreover, it is certain to ditch the traditional ports, which will be replaced with a USB Type C-Port.

On the other side, the new MacBook Pro will also ditch the traditional ports and MagSafe, in favour of USB Type C for connectivity and charging. The rumour claims that the Pro is expected to include a “Dynamic Function Row”. In other words, the top of the row function will be replaced by an OLED touch bar. With the addition of USB Type-C port, the Pro might be slimmed down, to pave way for a flatter keyboard. Furthermore, Touch ID will also be coming to the Pro.

Lastly, Apple replenished its Thunderbolt Display on June 23, and it was reported that Apple is working on a new display. It is widely anticipated that the company will introduce a new 5K display.

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