Canadian baby squirrels create new nautical knot!

image for Canadian baby squirrels create new nautical knot!
please do not try this knot or your nutty squirrels; it could cause everlasting damage!

Five baby squirrels who entangled by their tails have had copies of their knots forwarded to the Global Nautical Society.

The zoo keeper who eventually untangled the knots after hours of de-knotting, is a keen part time skipper of a Canadian fishing boat. After finishing his day job of feeding nuts to squirrels he was so entangled by this ‘freak of nature’ he copyrighted the photos and thought, ‘this could be worth millions!’

Jackpot! The Global Nautical Society has accepted this nutter’s knot and will implement it all over the planet for tying up up gigantic tankers, cruise ships and other vessels.

Sailors will have to do refresher courses and learn how to tie the very complicated knot, and this is not the end of the ‘tail’ either. Nutella, have adopted the knot as their latest marketing symbol and reimbursed the zoo keeper with $5 million and dedicated 5 tons of their very best nuts to the 5 baby squirrels who survived the ordeal!

This is certainly a ‘tail of 5 tails in a tangle are better than 5 tales of nuttiness spewing out the hand of a ‘Total Nutter!’ (Groan!)

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