Donald Trump Blimp Out Of Control

image for Donald Trump Blimp Out Of Control
He sure is ‘different’!

The Donald Trump blimp – the 20ft-high balloon of the US President, wearing a baby’s diaper – which has been flying in the sky above the Houses of Parliament in London since Friday, has broken free of its moorings!

The perfectly-coiffeured inflatable Trump was tethered to a flagpole which belonged to property agents, The Alternative Realty Company, but a sudden gust of wind yanked the blimp away from the tenuous link it had.

It initially flew erratically round in circles, not seeming to know what to do next, or which way to turn. It then commenced a series of odd movements, divebombing, turning over-and-over again and again, as if executing a hundred forward rolls, and then spun completely round on its north-south axis for around 15 minutes, indicating, according to US political analysts, total and utter confusion, a lack of mental awareness, and an absolutely uncontrollable megalomania.

Nothing new there, then.

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