Goodachari movie review: A spy film that lacks depth

Written by Manoj Kumar R
| Bengaluru |

Published: August 3, 2018 8:07:30 pm

Goodachari review Goodachari movie review: Goodachari is flashy but lacks depth. It is ambitious but suffers from cliches.

Goodachari movie cast: Adivi Sesh, Prakash Raj, Sobhita Dhulipala
Goodachari movie director: Sashi Kiran Tikka
Goodachari movie rating: 1.5 stars

Gopi alias Arjun (Adivi Sesh) is the son of a spy. He grows up hearing the story of his brave father who lost his life in service of the country. Arjun wants to follow in the footsteps of his father. But, his uncle Satya (Prakash Raj), who gave up his job as a field agent to raise Arjun, is against his dream. You can understand Satya’s dilemma as he doesn’t want Arjun to suffer the same fate as his father.

Arjun never gives up on his dream. He repeatedly applies to all the known intelligence agencies of the country. And he doesn’t get a response from anyone. To be exact, he has sent out 174 applications to no avail. But, for the 175th time, he does something different. He decides to use his family privilege to get the attention of officials in the intelligence wing. In his application, he subtly asks the agency, ‘you know who my father is?’ The response is quick. While Arjun expects an email, the agency decides to pay him a personal visit. Nepotism rocks.

Arjun gets drafted into the training programme for a secret spy agency, Trinetra, which doesn’t exist on official records. It is a highly coveted intelligence wing that works from the basement of a fashion showroom in Hyderabad. Trinetra workspace is filled with fancy gadgets that a decent VFX can create but the one thing that it lacks is originality. The whole setup looks pretentious and to some extent amateurish. The officials who run that place are tasked with creating a super spy out of Arjun who seems to lack any discernible quality to be a spy. Of course, apart from the merit that he is the son of an Ex-RAW agent.

The training begins, and Arjun attends it with the same seriousness of a college student who lacks interest in studying and goes to the campus just for the kick of it. Or was he just cocksure?

The big problem of Goodachari is that the story and screenplay have been arm-twisted to serve Adivi Sesh’s fantasies of playing a stylish spy character. The result is we have a good-looking movie but no basic emotion to keep us invested. It is flashy but lacks depth. It is ambitious but suffers from cliches.

A couple of things we expect to find in spy-thrillers are suspense and characters with intelligent minds. When coveted plans are revealed that should make us go ‘Oh boy I didn’t see that coming.’ But, Goodachari, which jointly written by Abburi Ravi and Adivi Sesh, has characters that seem to lack common sense and logical thinking.

Arjun gets framed in an assassination case. And the setup is so depressingly childish. All the evidence and proof point at Arjun’s criminality in the assassination. The whole scenario is in fact too good to be true. The cops recover Arjun’s personal motorcycle from the crime spot and murder a weapon with his fingerprints on it. He is supposed to be a super-spy, and it shouldn’t be so easy to trap him.

Adivi Sesh does an underwhelming job in portraying a wannabe spy, and he is more unconvincing as a rouge field agent who is on the run. I think it has to do with his body language. Sobhita Dhulipala plays Sameera, who is Arjun’s romantic interest. Take her out of the picture and still, it doesn’t make any difference.

All that the filmmakers wanted was to show Adivi’s Arjun sporting sharp tuxedos and being desired by multiple women. In that respect, they have achieved the goal. But, the audience who shell out their money to watch this film gets very little entertainment in return.

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