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Video: Thief Squeezes Through Store Shutter. Jewellery Worth $53,000 Gone

In a brazen robbery caught on camera, a thief in China made off with valuable jewellery worth $53,000. But it’s the criminal’s method of breaking into the store that has caught everyone’s eye.Surveillance footage from a jewellery shop in southeastern China’s Dongguan city shows a man crouched outside the store in the middle of the night, presumably waiting for the coast to clear. Once sure no one was watching him, the robber lay flat on the pavement and began squeezing himself through the shutter. Using his hands, the man managed to lift the shutter just enough to roll under it and break in.

According to China’s CCTV+, the thief immediately set off an alarm once he stepped into the store but that didn’t stop him.

Once inside, the man browsed through the store’s many display shelves before opening one case and stuffing the valuable items into a plastic bag. He left through the same gap he had entered from. The incident took place on May 13.

The owner, next morning, found over 40 bracelets, some necklaces, earrings and diamond rings missing from the store. The estimated value of the missing items was around 340,000 yuan (approximately $53,000), CCTV reported. An investigation is underway to find the suspect.

Watch how the robber broke in:

While this particular criminal got away with some valuable jewellery, some others have not been so lucky in their pursuits.

In March, a thief in China learnt that the gold bars he had so painstakingly stolen from a store weren’t gold at but fake display pieces. Surveillance footage posted on YouTube by People’s Daily, China showed the masked man furiously hammering away at a display case in an attempt to shatter the glass. The thief reportedly entered the store in Jiaxing, east China’s Zhejiang province via a hole in the ceiling. People’s Daily, China reported that the man was stunned to discover that the seven gold bars he had stolen were in fact all fake and hence, completely worthless. It’s unclear exactly how he came to this realisation.

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