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“Thought It Was A Joke”: Mystery Of The Kangaroo Found Galloping In USA

“Every once in a while someone will see it (the kangaroo) and tell their friends then get told they’re nuts. My mom’s friend saw it one night and told everyone at a party, they all called him crazy,” writes Lee Dammon in the comments section of a Facebook post by McCormick County Sheriff’s Office. The kangaroo he refers to is one that was found galloping in the small farming town of McCormick in South Carolina, USA, on Tuesday morning.According to local reports, the McCormick County Sheriff’s Office was inundated with calls yesterday about the marsupial.

But before you think that the whole town was suffering from collective hallucinations, let us tell you that there was indeed a kangaroo in the USA, thousands of miles and one massive ocean away from its native country of Australia.

Obviously not a local of McCormick, it belonged to a man who was licensed to own it and had escaped from its farm.

“”I thought dispatch was joking,” wrote the police officer tasked with finding and rescuing the kangaroo.

The incident of the escaped ‘roo had plenty of Americans excited

Videos of the escapee also made it online:

Thankfully, the kangaroo was found and returned to its owner. WRDW reports that it was back in its pen by late Tuesday morning.Click for more trending news

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