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Truck Drags Car For Several Metres While Changing Lanes. Watch Video

A dash cam video from Australia of a truck dragging a car for several metres has divided public opinion on social media. While some blame the truck driver for the accident, many others are quick to blame the car’s driver.A video uploaded by Dash Cam Owners Australia shows a truck driving in the right lane of a highway with a white car going towards its left. A few seconds into the video, the truck attempts to change lanes but the white car comes in the truck’s blind spot. The white car fails to notice the truck right behind trying to change lanes, resulting in the massive truck clipping its rear right side.

The impact flips the car horizontally and the truck ends up dragging the vehicle for several metres before coming to a halt. The driver of the dash cam follows the truck and the car till the vehicles finally stop.

The incident happened on Saturday on the Geelong Ring Road freeway in Australia. According to the Facebook post, no one was injured in the mishap and the driver of the white vehicle was “ok but a bit shaken”.

Watch the video here:

One look at the comments section would tell you how the incident divided public opinion.

While most blamed the truck driver, some also defended him.

“The B-double driver was at fault 100%, shouldn’t have been in the right lane and should’ve had more awareness of what was around him, wrote a person blaming the truck driver.

“As a truck driver I’d be the first to stick up for them. But here it’s clear the B-Double is 100% at fault! Although the car is in his blind spot he would’ve seen that car come up past him at some point,” another person commented.

Defending the truck driver, one person argued, “Why do people constantly insist on sitting where it is know to be a complete blind spot for trucks!!!! Seriously people. THEY CAN’T SEE YOU THERE!!!!”

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