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65,000-Ton Cruise Ship Crashes Into Dock. Moment Caught On Camera

In a scare for passengers as well as onlookers on the shore, a cruise ship was caught on camera crashing into a pier in the Caribbean. The MSC Armonia cruise ship was preparing to dock at the Isla Roatan port in Honduras when it lost control and hit a part of the pier, according to several reports.

“While maneuvering alongside, for reasons that are currently still being duly investigated, the ship deviated from her course and grazed the end of the pier,” spokesman for the cruise line told Fox News.

Crew members on the cruise line tried to stop the ship by throwing two anchors overboard just before the ship hit the dock, reported NPR.

But their efforts came too late as the ship ran aground.

While no injuries were reported, a part of the pier was destroyed in the incident that happened on Tuesday morning, ABC News reported.

An onlooker standing at the pier filmed the moment the massive ship, measuring nearly 300 metres, tore into the pier. Shocked witnesses ran out as they realised a ship was heading their way. One can even hear the sound of the pier cracking under the weight of the 65,000-ton ship.

Watch the shocking moment moment here:

The damage to the ship was minimal, the company told Fox News. After the ship came to a halt, vacationers were able to disembark for scheduled shore activities. After repairs, the ship was cleared to leave the Honduras port the following day onto its next destination Belize, according to ABC News.

MSC Armonia, built in 2001, can house nearly 2,700 passengers and 700 crew members.

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