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In Child’s Pile Of Stuffed Animals, A Venomous Snake. Watch Creepy Video

In today’s edition of ‘it happens only in Australia’, a man found a scary and venomous snake hiding in his daughter’s room and had to call in a pro for help. A video, posted on Andrew’s SNAKE Removal Facebook page, shows a snake catcher removing the reptile, hiding among toys, from the child’s room. The visuals of the live snake slithering through piles of stuffed animals are enough to give anyone nightmares for days on end.

According to the post shared on Facebook, the creature was a red bellied black snake. “Although considered dangerously venomous, they are a shy relaxed snake, but like any snake will become agitated and defensive if provoked,” snake catcher Andrew told NDTV.

The snake had been spotted on a windowsill by the little girl’s dad. He shut the room’s door and placed a towel at the bottom of the door to keep the snake inside the room until help arrived.

The footage captured shows the snake catcher dealing with the snake like a pro. The reptile can be seen trying to hide and slither through the stuffed animals. However, once caught, the snake was safely relocated.

“So ironic that it was in my daughters ‘zoo’ for her stuffed animals,” says the little girl’s mother on Facebook.

“Very scary ‘what if’, but so glad you found & caught it. What a gorgeous looking snake – from a distance,” says one Facebook user. “That is a scary red belly black. Have seen a lot in my time but not in a child’ bedroom…Creepy,” says another.

“I would have died on the spot!” comments one Facebook user. “Magnificent looking snake. But… gawd… that’s the thing nightmares are made of,” comments another.

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