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10 Million Pounds Of Human Poop Dumped In This Town. It Came In Trains

The 982 residents of the small American town of Parrish, Alabama have been living a stinky nightmare for the last two months. Nearly 10 million pounds of human excreta has been lying abandoned in the town after it was dumped in trainloads, reports CNN.

The human poo, not even of their own residents’, arrived in a dozen train cars two months ago. The bio-waste was being transported, from New York and New Jersey, to a private landfill in Adamsville, barely half an hour from Parrish. In January, residents of another neighbouring town West Jefferson filed a lawsuit against the private company for bringing sewage through their town. The lawsuit claimed the town’s residents were being harmed by the “obnoxious odour,” WVTM13 reported in January. When the town won the lawsuit, the human waste which was already in transit was unfortunately dumped in a rail yard in Parrish, with no law to protect them from the smelly mess.

The rail yard lies close to a local baseball field and softball field making life difficult for the residents of the small town which measures only about 2 square miles. Residents say the town “smells like dead bodies”, according to a March report by WVTM.

“It greatly reduces the quality of life… You can’t sit out on your porch. Kids can’t go outside and play, and God help us if it gets hot and this material is still out here,” Mayor Heather Hall told CNN.The Environmental Protection Agency and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management have assured the mayor that the feces wasn’t raw sewage but Grade A bio-waste, which explains the peculiar smell of the waste.

According to The Independent, no one in the town knows when the bio-waste would be removed despite previous assurances by the private company. A lawsuit, the mayor believes, would only to delay the removal process.

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