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Woman Forgets To Put Car In Park. It Rolls Into Pool With Family Inside

A woman has managed to give ‘carpooling’ an all-new, more literal, meaning. Viral pictures posted on Facebook show a blue sedan submerged in a swimming pool. What’s worse, the car had two people inside it when landed in the water. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident.

The photos, which have gone insanely viral, have been shared on Facebook by Florida’s Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. According to the post accompanying the pictures, the woman driving the car had stepped out of it to run back into her apartment to grab some money. She thought she had put the vehicle in park but, as it turns out, she hadn’t. The car rolled into the pool with her husband and daughter still inside it.

“All parties are ok,” says one of our deputies who responded to this “car in pool” call on Okaloosa Island, says the Facebook post.

Since being posted on March 28, the photos have gone viral with over 1,900 shares and more than 1,300 reactions. The post has been inundated with comments, besides the obvious ones joking about carpooling.

“Since no one got hurt I hope it’s OK to laugh. I can hear their insurance agent saying ” I’m coming out to take pictures. I don’t need to, I just want to,” says one Facebook user. “The water really brings out the blue of the car! Glad nothing but pride was hurt,” says another.

“The car was probably too hot and needed to cool down, so it decided to jump in the pool!” jokes one commenter. “Maybe they can put it in rice and save the insurance claim?” quips another.

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