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Inspired By Viral Meme, Chinese Man Stole Mercedes Logos Off Cars

While the online space in the West is occupied with the dreadful condom-snorting challenge and microwaving aluminum foil, things in China are a little bit different. A bizarre online trend in China actually inspired a man to steal logos off Mercedes cars because he wanted more ‘likes’ online, CGTN quote Zhejiang Traffic Radio. It also eventually landed him behind bars.

Chinese short-video platform Tik Tok has been buzzing with videos of people removing Mercedes Benz emblems off cars’ hoods – all for fun. The craze originated from a meme showing two photos –  one depicting a person removing the Mercedes logo and the other showing the iconic three-pointed star logo being used as a lunch box segregated into three sections. (Yes, really!)

man steals mercedes logs china cgtn

The meme that started it all

It was this meme that prompted the man, identified only by his surname Guo, to join the mania of logo-theft videos circulating on Tik Tok. An avid user of Tik Tok, the man claimed he was unhappy with his popularity (or lack thereof) on the app, which made him film himself stealing the Mercedes logo to get more traction. Similar videos of people stealing Mercedes emblems have garnered thousands of likes and views on Tik Tok, reports Chinese media.According to CGTN, the 25-year-old from Zhejiang province reportedly made off with 12 Mercedes badges before cops ended his stealing spree and arrested him after a call from one of the car owners. He was identified after police found surveillance footage of him getting out of his white car and popping the logo before driving off. Cops arrested the man from his rented apartment and retrieved all the stolen badges.

Chinese Internet was divided on the dangerous trend of people aping online videos to gain popularity, reports South China Morning Post. While some blamed the man for his actions, others said the desire to get more viewers online encouraged anti-social, illegal behaviour among citizens.

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