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Cops Hope To Catch Thief Using This Awful Sketch. Big Flop, Says Twitter

Machines have certainly advanced a lot in the last few years. There’s a lot computers can do but drawing perfect suspect sketches – still a big NO. A computer-generated sketch of a burglary suspect by a police department in the United Kingdom is currently the subject of immense ridicule on Twitter for its comical appearance. On Tuesday, Warwickshire Police released an “efit” (Electronic Facial Identification Technique) sketch seeking information about a man suspected of being a part of a distraction burglary in Stratford in February. According to police, two men posing as local officials entered a woman’s flat. While one man spoke to the woman, the other searched the house and stole cash. Wearing a black skull cap and black sweatshirt, the wide-grinned AI-generated sketch was promptly mocked by Twitter for its resemblance to many cartoon characters. Sadly for the cops, Twitter offered no valuable leads as it was busy making jokes.

The sketch went viral as netizens derided the hilarious digital creation. The tweet had collected 15,000 retweets and 2,500 responses at the time of writing this.

Responding to the jeering on Twitter, the department clarified that the sketch was indeed real and based on the description provided by the victim. We are not sure how helpful the sketch would be but police hope all this attention thanks to the Internet will assist them in tracing the man.

Though not all terrible sketches are a work of computers. Previously, an eyewitness sketch of a thief in Lancaster, UK went viral for being extremely cartoon-like. But surprisingly, police was able to identify the thief despite the eyewitness’ poor drawing skills.

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